Safely Providing Excavation and Backfilling Services to Edmonton’s Communities

We provide a range of excavation and backfill services in Edmonton. Our customers include commercial and light industrial developers, general contractors and owners, provincial, federal and municipal governments. Each of them looks to us to provide the services necessary to support Alberta’s growth and develop healthy communities in ways that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Whether the project involves excavation to prepare for underground utilities, construction to improve the transportation network, or backfilling to disguise underground services, at SDC Services we do it right. All of the projects are designed and managed by a professional and experienced management team. Each and every project is subjected to rigorous project and quality management systems - there are no exceptions.

sustainable developments earthwork


At Sustainable Developments we're here to help manage the construction of your business. We will establish a effective management strategy that will ensure your project is completed effectively and efficiently. Your business deserves the right start, and starting with us means you get a high quality outcome with sustainable construction practices that preserve the environment.

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The development of industrial land can be challenging. There are many thing to consider during construction but with Sustainable Developments we can help streamline the process ensuring that a large scale project is completed properly. Our experienced and knowledgable construction management team will guide you through the development process, ensuring earthwork practices are exceeding industry standards and the construction process advances smoothly.

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The importance of the isolation of waste starts with the effort to provide proper sanitation measures. Our goal is to provide quality sanitary solutions that are environmentally conscious.

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Let our expectional exacavating services and construction practices ensure your future structure is properly enforced with our beam grade excavation services.

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Our experienced construction management team understands that every building footprint is unique. We will work with you to formulate an execution plan that will cater to the needs of your infrastructure project.

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