Health Safety & Environmental

Health and Safety First

Health Safety and Environmental Practices

SDC Services meets or exceeds Alberta’s occupational health and safety standards. We take health and safety seriously, and it is of the utmost importance to us that our employees and clients understand that health and safety is our first priority. To keep health and safety in our minds at all times we work with the COR program.

COR is the “Certificate of Recognition” program that annually audits and certifies companies that comply with Canada’s health and safety regulations.

Sustainable Developments is proud to be a member of the Partners in Injury Reduction Program and remain COR certified since 2013.Sustainable Developments has maintained good standing with WCB in Alberta.

SDC holds memberships with the following online pre-qualification organizations: ISNetworld, CQN Advantage, CQN and have top ratings with all of our clients within these programs.

Environment management systems

Here at SDC Services we analyse our environmental impact and are constantly establishing new ways of reducing our environmental footprint. We take environmental care seriously and we take steps to ensure that our employees share the same goals.

safety management systems

Safety is an integral part of our daily operations. SDC Services maintains a non-ranked safety system as we value all our safety protocols equally. We also believe in protecting tomorrow today by performing routine preventative maintenance on all machinery.