3 Tips for Getting into Sustainable Construction

3 Tips for Getting into Sustainable Construction

2017 is the year of green, or more specifically, green building. While politicians and governments debate endlessly about climate change, builders, contractors and designers have already started going green - creating homes and buildings meant to be sustainable and energy-efficient. Buildings consume over 40 percent of raw materials and energy produced in this country, pushing us to a point where sustainable construction and designing with an energy-efficient mindset is better for owners and companies in the long run. This is the best time to go green; we’ve previously touched upon this in the past. If you’re looking to incorporate green practices in your workplace, there’s a right way to do it. For firms and companies looking to take part, here are some great ways to get involved in green construction.

Know Your Niche
In the rush to get involved in green building, the smart move will be to specialize one specific element of your business instead of leveraging your strengths all across the board. Why be a jack of all trades when you can easily establish your crew as experts in one niche? Whether that’s solar energy or incorporating sustainable habits in excavation, your niche can be what keeps you standing out among the pack.

Walk the Walk
A great way to involve yourself in the practice of going green is to actually do it. What’s the point of talking the talk if you can’t walk it? Incorporate green habits into your own work routines. Step up your recycling game. You could even go as far as purchasing hybrid cars and biodiesel construction and transportation vehicles. Seeing your commitment leaves a big impact on customers and clients, letting them know just how serious you are about green practices. This is something we’re very familiar with at SDC. We look at new ways to reduce our environmental footprint because it's not enough to say we're about the environment.

Get Involved
It’s wise to know the industry. Pay attention to the latest innovations and policies making change in your scene. Start attending conferences and meetings. Most importantly, pursue green certifications. Canada is home to several rating systems and certifications to evaluate examples of green building design such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Globes and BREEAM. These certifications go a long way in asserting the eco-friendly design of your work and raising public awareness and knowledge on energy efficiency to help decrease the drain of resources on our planet.

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