3 technologies that may completely change the construction industry!

3 technologies that may completely change the construction industry!

Technology is continuously shaping and reshaping the world around us. The pace at which it is progressing is sometimes hard to grasp, as advancements happen exponentially faster. Things you would have thought were ten years down the road are now just around the corner. Everyday the world around you is drastically different. It's nothing to be scared of. In fact, it should make you excited because technology is quickly getting to a point where it's going to make our lives much, much easier, including industrial technologies. Here are 3 new construction technologies that may change the industry forever.

1. Autonomous vehicles
Currently, the core of the robotic revolution is driver-less cars, with many automotive companies claiming they will have them on the road for consumers within a few years, and trucks and construction fleets are poised for these driver-less upgrades. This could yield massive benefits to the industry.

Current experiments in the mining industry offer a glimpse into what could eventually materialize in construction.  Rio Tinto is developing and testing an autonomous heavy-haul, long-distance railway system, and has deployed an automated blast-hole drill system that allows a single operator to remotely control multiple drill rigs. These driver-less vehicles deliver their loads more efficiently, minimizing delays and fuel use, and are controlled remotely by operators who exert more control over their environment and ensure greater operational safety. Heavy equipment manufacturers are hard at work on autonomous vehicles that replicate these efficiencies on construction sites. Caterpillar and John Deere are working on similar vehicles, which likewise will be semi-autonomous to start with, but ultimately will evolve toward full, driver-less automation. Canadian oil company Suncor Energy, is also deploying self-driving hauler trucks in Alberta‚Äôs oil sands with the hypothesis that they will increase productivity by eliminating human error.

Driver-less trucks, including excavators, are viewed by the Civil Construction sector to be one of the most important technoligical long term changes to the sector.  With autonomous or semi-autonomous machinery, the better the quality of the construction, the faster it can get built, the more profit will be returned to the people building it, and the more value to end users.

2. 3-D Printing
Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. The process uses additive processes where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. 3D printing is considered distinct from traditional machining techniques (subtractive processes) which mostly rely on the removal of material by drilling and cutting.

This technology can be applied to just about anything, including the construction of homes, buildings, bridges, you name it. It is now being integrated to produce complex buildings, where each segment can modified to specific parameters. There are huge potential advantages to this process, including quicker construction, lower labour costs, and less waste produced.

3. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Building Information Modeling or BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. It is essentially virtual reality, and it's making waves across the construction industry. The old-fashioned--and expensive--method of building mock-ups is swiftly being replaced by virtual tours that make you feel like you are inside the new building. These digital models are a major trend in the industry, as it seems customization is on the top of everyone's wishlist

BIM can deliver business benefits whether you're designing sustainable houses or re-imagining the infrastructure of entire cities. You can make more informed design decisions, build more efficiently and cost-effectively, and manage and maintain buildings with greater ease.

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