SDC services is an excavating company that specializes in backfill and excavation in Edmonton. We’re very aware that our work provides the foundations for the future, and we’re committed to developing Edmonton’s core infrastructure with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Our knowledgeable team ensures every project is expertly managed and accurately executed, right down to the smallest details.


Whether your project is commercial or industrial, our excavators will get it right. Our professional team will start by drawing up project plans and identifying the inherent risks. Once we have your approval we’ll get started. Getting started on your project automatically subjects it to our rigorous quality and project management systems. That’s how we ensure your Edmonton excavation project is completed on-time, on-budget and to your specifications.

We offer a range of backfill and excavation services to provide the physical assets that support Alberta’s economic growth, public health and safety. That includes:

  • the excavation of Edmonton’s underground utilities that deliver our gas, water, electricity, and telecommunications
  • the preparation of underground services like the sewers that support businesses and residential developments
  • the construction of the roads, paths, sidewalks, light rail transit, runways that get people and goods moving
  • the development of facilities dedicated to healthcare, education, water treatment, and airport terminals
  • the groundwork for the new subdivisions that ensure healthy communities

Whether you’re working on a commercial, industrial, or government project, you can count on SDC Services for all your backfilling and excavation needs in Edmonton.

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As a full service civil construction company we don’t just do the excavating and backfilling on your Edmonton project. To us “full service” means that we take responsibility for all the details related to the job. So if the project involves installing underground services for water mains, sanitation and storm sewers, then we’ll take full responsibility for supplying, installing and commissioning them. Throughout the project we maintain critical path schedules and exceptional quality service.

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Our skilled team is highly trained in the use of our excavators and specialized equipment. When you combine that training with years of experience in the detailed excavation and backfill of our Edmonton projects, you get a safe team that produces quality work. Whether your project involves excavating Edmonton’s soil in preparation for underground utilities, or backfilling after installing underground services, you can count on us for safe, quality, and timely work.

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Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Sustainable Developments has been actively involved in projects across Western Canada. Sustainable Developments has an established reputation for completing projects on time and on budget through collaboration and responsiveness, with a long term customer service driven approach.

Sustainable Developments ongoing success is based on establishing strong partnerships with its clients. Our team is dedicated to meeting our commitments to clients by consistently providing them with a high quality product and building experience.

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